How to sell a gym membership

How do I increase health club membership sales? How do I sell more gym memberships? How do I sign more members up at my fitness center? These are questions I hear over and over again from my health club consulting clients around the country.

Learning how to sell a gym membership isn’t hard. Selling a membership is a simple, three-part process. This process involves getting clients into the gym or health club, building value and asking for the membership sale.

As a health club or fitness center owner you must have a plan to market your fitness center year-round. You must imprint the image of your health club in the mind of potential members over and over again on a consistent basis so when the urge strikes them to join a health club or gym you are the first fitness center on their mind.

This may be done in many ways but the key is to keep your clubs name out in the community by using various media outlets. You can also mix in seasonal health club marketing promotions and other seasonal campaigns to provide increased membership traffic during certain times of the year.

Once you get a potential new fitness center member in your club from all of your marketing the key to selling more gym memberships is to build value in the membership. By building value in the membership you will have a much better chance at adding a long term member. As a health club membership salesman or a health club owner selling a gym membership the key is to find out why the potential new member is in your club ( this is done by listening) and show them how the club and the staff will help them achieve whatever it is they walked through your door to do. If you build value in the membership it will make the selling of the gym membership much easier.

The final step and the step that should be the easiest is asking for the membership sale. If you have built value in the gym membership cost very rarely should be an objection. The key is to keep the choices simple. My suggestion for most clubs is to have 2 or 3 options at the most. A long term (12 month) EFT monthly membership and a paid-in-full, one-year membership are a good basic gym membership pricing structure. Simply explain each option and then ask the customer to pick the best option for them to get started today.

Selling more health club memberships requires planning and implementing simple fitness center marketing programs and health club membership sales processes that not only bring potential new members in the door but gives your fitness center sales staff a basic outline and process for converting the guest into a long term health club memberships.

Until next time, enjoy life!
Matt York