Effective leadership = better staff and more members for your gym.

Being a boss and a leader is more than just directing people and barking orders. To be an effective leader and one that your gym or health club staff can look up to and follow requires that you be consistent and keep your word. Your staff may not always agree with what you ask them to do but you can bet that if you always keep your word that they will have a great deal of respect for you as a person and boss.

This respect will earn you more effort and loyalty than you can imagine. This can translate into the gym membership salesman putting a little more effort into selling that new membership for your club. It can result in the front desk girl saying a few kind words to a member which keeps them from joining the new club down the street when it opens.

Being consistent is another trait that makes a good leader. If your gyms staff knows what to expect from you each day it provides a sense of calm to the workplace. Who wants to come into work each day wondering if the boss is going to be nice or if he is going to be on a rampage? Not a mature responsible employee. Being consistent in what you expect from your staff on a daily basis makes it easier for them to perform their job as well as meet the expectations you place on them.

Just remember you earn respect as a leader or boss by your actions and having integrity not your words or by signing paychecks.

Until next time, enjoy life!

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