Selling more personal training by not making it so personal will ease the pressure on selling more new gym memberships!

I will make this short and to the point. Over the many years as I have traveled the country helping gyms and observing the inner workings of the clubs and staff and I can truly say that personal training is a profit center that is most often hurt by the approach of the people who have the best shot at building its profits! Take a guess…You read my mind! Yes! I am talking about the trainers.

I understand it is called personal training. It is called personal training because it is to be personalized for the client by the trainer. The problem I see is most trainers miss out on selling a higher percentage of personal training to potential clients because they look at it backwards. They look at is as their personal training and not the clients. Do you understand what I am saying?

Let me make it clear. The client does not want to be in the gym 5 days a week and eating 7 small meals a day with shakes and pills to carry around and gulp down while at work just because that is what you like to do. Take a step back from what you think needs to be done to achieve great results and give the client something they can see as a realistic program for them to follow that will still yield the desired results even if it takes a little longer.

By default some people will buy from a trainer selling these extreme programs we dream up and some will even follow them. Understand to truly be successful at personal training you must also be able to sell to people who do not want to go to the extreme and change so much in their lives to be more fit.

Give this a try and see your personal training client list grow. I promise you that you are scaring away 60% of the people that you could be helping by overwhelming them with all the extreme changes you want them to make in their lives. On top of taking them way outside of their comfort zone you want them to pay you to do it! That is not a winning formula for closing a personal training sale.

Just relax and ease them into a healthier way of life and if farther down the line they want more then turn up the intensity of the program.

Until next time, enjoy life!
Matt York

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