Fitness Marketing – The Shark Mindset

As I travel around the country I am often floored by the laid back approach to running their business that I see in many gym and health club owners. This approach shows from top to bottom in the daily operations and functions of the business. It shows in the lack of training of staff on the handling of daily business tasks and very often shows in the lack of customer service.

Remember the boulder rolls from the top of the mountain down. If the upper management does not take the business seriously this boulder will roll down and crush everything in its path leaving the business in a smashed mess. As a business owner you must learn to not only be proactive in running your business but you must lead by example. Every customer must be treated as a VIP. Every potential client must be handled as if they may be your last potential client.

What I call “Shark Mode” is just the mindset of approaching and attacking everything in your business with 100 percent effort. Lead by example and demand that your staff follows your lead. Remember you are the leader of the company and you must act as such every single day. You will raise the level of customer service and productivity in your company by adopting this mindset.

Now get up from your desk and go work with your staff!

Until next time, enjoy life
Matt York

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