Tip from a health club/gym marketing consultant to help sell more gym memberships fast.

I just want to give all of you gym owners and health club managers a quick little tip that will help make your health club or gym more profitable. This little thing I am going to teach you will also make your club a much nicer place for your members to exercise. I truly believe this should also be taught and expected each day from every staff member from your membership sales people all the way down to your part time daycare workers.

Each day park in the very back of your parking lot and slowly walk into your club. Yes! You should all be parking in the back allowing for your paying members to park up close to your club! Look around for trash on the ground and be sure to take a peek at your sign to make sure all the lights are working. When you reach the front door check the outside appearance of the building as well as how hard it is to open the door and what the door mat looks like. When you first enter the lobby notice how the club smells and what the front area looks like and if the staff stands up to greet you. Once you pass thru the front area walk and check each area of the club from the workout floor area to the locker rooms. Be
sure to clean up all trash and also check that your air condition is set at the right setting. As your whole staff is doing this each day and on each shift it gives everyone a chance to greet the members. This also allows the members to see that the staff is checking on them and cares about the club.

Don’t just sit there behind your desk reading this and thinking this is a good idea. Get up and implement it! See how it helps your customer service, member retention, staff awareness and the cash flow of your club!

Until next time, enjoy life!
Matt York


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