Gym consultant gives a quick tip on fitness marketing and its effect on new gym membership sales

I know the prom season and the start of summer are coming fast. That being said I know I only have a few seconds to hammer my point home to you before you switch over to surfing the web for a new summer getaway location.

If I could stress one thing about marketing your health club it would be to keep some sort of marketing going year-round. Many health club operators tend to only market when traffic slows or a “strong membership selling season” is coming. What you want to do is keep your name out there so when someone gets the inspiration to join a gym and get healthy your club pops into their mind.

Often clubs wait until leads and potential client walk-ins grind to a halt before thinking of the next marketing campaign. When this happens the upper management and owners begin to have a series of panic induced mini strokes which do nothing to keep the spirit of the club positive and promote a good working environment. By the time the new marketing kicks in your club has wasted many weeks of new traffic and slid backwards in your quest for adding new members and overall growth.

By keeping your marketing going year-round you will still have ups and downs but it will help to avoid the screeching halt of traffic that often causes panic.

Now make a note of this tip on your desk and feel free to go back to searching vacation spots or doing market research on Facebook. WINK WINK

Until next time, enjoy life
Matt York

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