Gym Consultant gives a small tip that will not only help sell more gym memberships but provide better customer service by just empowering your employees

Summer is here and many of you will get to experience great customer service if you do the good old summer family vacation! You will also see the bad side of customer service but let’s just focus on the positive side of customer service this post. What are you waiting for? Go pack up the car and load the kids in!   Oh wait! Read this first!

Chances are since many places you visit on your vacation are tourist areas they will have focused training their staff to provide a better level of customer service so they can cash in on their season and get guests to return next year. This is not a bad thing! As a matter of fact health clubs and gyms should do this more often. Do not be afraid to role play different customer service scenarios with your staff. Do it now and do it often! It will make them feel more at ease when dealing with a customer service issue. We all know the basics of customer service. I will save the basic for another post. What I want to hammer in is empowering your employees so that when a situation happens they can respond and take immediate action to smooth over the issue and put a positive vibe back into the members experience at your club. Let your management level staff be able to give away a free month or discount a service in your club without having to call you and get back to the member later. You do not want an upset member stewing about town for a day or two while you give the okay to your employee to help make them feel better about the situation. By then it’s a dollar short and a day late! So give your staff a little power to make things right for the member. A free month or some small discount on a product or service will go a long way in retaining members and keeping a positive vibe in your club!

Now get up from your desk and make it happen!

Until next time enjoy life!
Matt York


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