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Watch this important short video below to get the details on my no cost, I do the work membership building program.



Matt added over 150 members in a week and it DID NOT COST ME ANYTHING!  Matt did all the work as well as taught me how to do it myself in the future if I wanted to before he left. Could not be happier!

Faamati, a franchise owner with multiple locations in the north central of USA during COVID-19


Matt added over 170 new members in about 8 days as well as giving me several thousand dollars in my hand within the first few days of enrolling new members. The free social media and marketing/sales training was awesome and opened my eyes.

AJ,  Define Fitness & Health


Matt added over 100 high priced members in one week. This is our second time using Matt. Since working with Matt our monthly dues EFT membership draft is the highest it has ever been!

Todd Halford, Peak Fitness Medina, TN


Matt came in right after another marketing company finished here at my gym and still added over 115 members in a week. Matt really opened the door to our local weight loss market and at a high monthly price.

Al Horvath, Faith Gym Ohio


Matt brought in over 150 new members in just 1 week. I have been in the business over 30 years and Matt is the best!

James B., 24/7 Training and Fitness


Matt doubled my membership in about a week and with the free consulting he offered me while he was here, I raised my gym prices and increased my profits. I was stunned!!!

Lowell Taylor, 1 to 1 Fitness N.C.


I was shocked with how many people Matt enrolled during the hot & slow summer month. The new members enjoyed it!

Renota, Anytime Fitness, Ga.


The first time Matt came in went so well I had him come back. The second time did not do as well as the first , but I was so happy with what Matt did I had a gym owner buddy of mine hire Matt for his gym.

Freddie C., 24 Hour Fitness, North Carolina


Do not have any doubts in Matts program. In 5 days he added over 100 members in a small town of only a few thousand people.

Mike Snap Fitness Wisconsin


After having Matt here just a couple of days we have already filled up our trainers schedule with over 70 new members and our town only has 4,000 residents in it.

Tracy personal trainer and club owner TN.


Matt added over 150 new members in a week and he did all the work.

Eric W. Family Fitness Ga.


Matt signed over 140 members in a little over 1 week. I absolutely recommend you to do this in your gyms. You will also learn a ton about how to get new members into your club.

Mark E. Multi gym owner 24 hour clubs in the southern USA


I am a gym owner and coach… Matt has filled our club in less then a week of him starting the marketing and group selling memberships!

Stacey H. fitness coach & gym owner Jackson Tn.